DeveloperMail.com was built with the idea of creating a simple, free, easy to use website and mail server without ads.

The current offerings for temporary anonymous email are bloated with ads--its own kind of spam--exactly what you are trying to avoid by using that service.

DeveloperMail.com provides a clean, simple, and easy to use interface free from distracting ads to let you get your email address and be on your way.

A Word To Third-party Service Providers

There is a real need for temporary email addresses. Developers trying to integrate with social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. need to be able to test registration and login flows on their websites. Service providers want to have a clean database of users it can market to. There ususally aren't sandbox environments provided that developers can use to test their integrations. It's understandable the cost and maintenance of those systems is a prohibiting factor.

As developers ourselves, we have limited ability to create email addresses on demand that are not blocked by these services. Systems administrators don't want to create and maintain hundreds or thousands of email addresses for developers integrating with these systems.

Over time, service providers are able to figure out which domains host temporary email addresses and begin blocking them from registering. This simply leads to more temporary email address domains being registered, which costs more money resulting in more ads.

DeveloperMail.com would like to stop that cycle and provide a legitimate way for developers and non-developers alike to be able to create temporary, anonymous, disposable--whatever-you-want-to-call-them--email addresses and be able to use them in whichever way they need.

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