Is is really free?

Yes, it is really free!

How long is the mailbox active?

As long as your browser window stays open, and you do not delete your session cookie, you will have access to the email address. There are plans in future releases to allow mailboxes to be availble for longer time periods.

NOTE: In some circumstances, such as system maintenance, mailboxes may be deleted to recover system resources.

How long are mailbox messages stored?

Messages in your inbox will be kept for seven (7) days from the time they are received then will be automatically deleted after that time.

How are you doing this without ads?

Domain registration and hosting are relatively inexpensive.

The goal of DeveloperMail.com is not to get rich but to provide a helpful service to developers free of ads.

Can I get a more permanent email address?

Plans are in the works to allow users to decide if and when their mailbox should be deleted.

Can I get a use a custom email address?

Currently, no. This is a feature we would like to provide, but this requires a lot more thought around security, privacy, account creation and storage, etc.

What can I do to show my support for DeveloperMail.com

There are various ways to support DeveloperMail.com: